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About me:

Shiatsu came to my life right when I needed it, after a traumatic event that led to several sleepless nights. Following my mum's advice, I booked my first session. 

The changes I started noticing in my mind and body after just one hour of applied pressure and stretching were extraordinary. On my way home, I decided I wanted to help other people feel exactly the same joy. 

I trained in Tenerife and obtained a masters in Madrid before becoming a qualified shiatsu practitioner. This would be the first of many steps towards becoming the professional I am today. 

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 25 years. I immediately realised the potential this lifestyle had to offer, ever since my first lesson. The first lesson I ever had was on the Sivananda yoga system. Taught by a self-assured woman whose presence shone bright, she introduced me to the Sivananda philosophy. From this moment onwards, yoga has lead me to many wonderful teachers and colleagues from whom I have learnt lots and to whom I am extremely grateful. 

Teaching yoga since 2010, I started in my hometown of Guímar, in Tenerife, and moved around the island until moving to the UK in 2016. Here, I have been lucky enough to carry on connecting people to the marvellous world of yoga.

I work with all age groups, people with injuries, and pregnant women.

The benefits of yoga are available to anyone who wishes to discover this way of life. oga

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